What we Do

Advocacy and Public Policy

Governance becomes and remains suboptimal when some voices, especially of the vulnerable, remain unheard, and potentially path- breaking ideas remain unexpressed. We seek to encourage civilised conversation and to enable passive participants to be protagonists of positive change.

Alternative thinking

Progress is perpetually impeded by prisoners of precedent. Incrementalism,  masquerading as change, leads to underperformance in relation to potential. We encourage the questioning of assumptions that pass for truths, so that issues are addressed outside the framework of conventional wisdom. Painting on a large and empty canvas is what we envisage and encourage.

Corporate Performance Improvement

Our approach to the problems that corporates face is that of the good old family physician - diagnosis, prescription and treatment.

We do not ask for problems to be tailored to fit our ready made solutions. We distinguish between quick wins and bandaid ' solutions'.


"Full many a gem of purest ray serene The dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear" Thomas Gray

We believe there is no shortage of leaders. There is a leadership deficit because of absence of opportunity. Our mission is to unearth leaders, find the light hidden under the bushel, and to create the enabling environment for them to lead themselves, lead others and lead change.